Purposive Knowledge

We have two series, both in partnership with Pearson, the No 1 education publisher worldwide. Both series are for students of classes 1 to 8.



Know and Grow with Derek

The Know and Grow with Derek series aims at addressing the four vital success skills of student life: personality development, life skills, general awareness, and creativity and thinking skills. The series serves a dual purpose of being a self-guide to the learners as well as teacher-driven. The “Know with Derek’ pages provide useful and interesting everyday information, while the ‘Grow with Derek’ pages guides the learner on how to use the information to tackle challenges to get ahead in life by inculcating twenty-first-century skills. Every book has a Child Safety chapter in accordance with the guidelines of POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012). The series has consistently been the highest-selling subscribed series in schools for over a decade, in its category.

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Be a GK Champ

The Be a GK Champ series takes learners on an exciting adventure through the large expanse of knowledge. It is an eight-part general knowledge series. The books are designed for primary and middle school learners, with the purpose of engaging their minds with wide-ranging information and stimulating quizzes.

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