The Sports Quiz Book

A collection of exciting and informative questions
on sports, from one of India’s most
well-loved quizmasters.

Who named Milkha Singh, who won India’s first
Commonwealth gold, ‘The Flying Sikh?

According to Usain Bolt, what inspired him to come
up with his famous ‘To Di World’ victory pose?

The 2010 film Invictus revolves around which sport?
Which footballer was described as ‘Pythagoras in boots’
for the complexity and precision of his angled passes?

Find the answers to these and many more in The Sports Quiz Book. In these pages, Derek O’Brien brings together an astonishing range of questions in categories that include Athletics, Badminton, Board Games, Boxing, Card Games, Entertainment and Sports, Formula 1, Fifa World Cup, Indian Premier League, Olympic Games, Tennis, Cricket-to name just a few. Also to be found after every chapter are fun, unusual facts
and trivia about sports and a compilation of some of the best and most inspiring quotations by sportspersons.

So whether you are a quiz buff, a sports maniac or just want to brush up your knowledge about every aspect of sports, The Sports Quiz Book is what you need to catch up on!