The Best of Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest

Ace quizmaster Derek O’Brien is back, as the legendary Bournvita Quiz Contest airs on television again. Packed with questions from the first two seasons, the Bournvita Quiz Contest Quiz Book contains over 500 questions that will test your knowledge, wits and thinking skills . So if you want to be among the top quizzers in the country, or just want to hone your general knowledge, have fun answering these questions, and many many more.

In 1863, cartoonist Thomas Nast was the first to paint whose definitive portrait?
The name of what comes from the Arabic word meaning ‘that which prevents sleep’?
During the 2011 census of India, what were people given so that they could figure out their dates of birth?
Which Mughal emperor was the son of a Mughal emperor but not the grandson of one?