Derek O'Brien's Ultimate Sports Quiz Book

Sporting legends. Statistical curiosities. Little-known sporting facts. For sports buffs everywhere, this is a comprehensive quiz book, with a total of 1000 questions on subjects ranging from basketball, boxing, chess and golf to hockey, indoor sports, motorsports and tennis. For the serious sports enthusiast, there are specialized sets on topics like the English Premier League, One-Day and Test cricket, sports and entertainment, the Summer and Winter Olympics, and the World Cup Football. Supplementing the questions are 200 bonus factoids on various interesting aspects of the sporting world that will fascinate and intrigue the reader.

In the pages of this book, you will find out:

  • The name of the boxer who broke Muhammad Ali’s jaw in their first fight.
  • The NBA team for which Paula Abdul was a cheerleader
  • The footballer on the Kolkata maidan who was nicknamed ‘Bade Miyan’
  • The legendary motorsports venue that is sometimes referred to as the ‘Brickyard’
  • The name of Sunil Gavaskar’s last new-ball partner in Test cricket
  • The tennis legend who strengthened his wrists by milking innumerable cows on his father’s property
  • What the ‘sin bin’ is in ice hockey
  • The Vietnamese soldier from whom Tiger Woods got his name
  • The colour of the goalkeeper’s cap in water polo
  • The football coach who was referred to as the ‘Ayatollah of the Bench.’

Coming from the quiz bank of Derek O’Brien, Asia’s best-known quizmaster, this is a quiz book that will provide hours of entertainment to readers of all ages.