Derek O'Brien's Essential Knowledge Quiz Book

Whether you’re preparing for a quiz contest or a competitive exam, “Derek O’Brien’s Essential Knowledge Quiz Book” has all the information you’re looking for. This definitive quiz companion packs in 3000 questions that will test the mettle of any aspiring quiz enthusiast or ambitious young professional. There are no less than 1000 General Knowledge questions here, divided into fifty sections. In addition, there are 2000 questions on specialized subjects that range from the Indus Valley Civilization and Hindu Mythology to Earthquakes and the Italian Renaissance, and from Buddhism and Bill Gates to Comets and the FA Cup. For those looking to hone their skills for the quiz circuit, there are also sets of questions on favourites such as Indian Presidents and Prime Ministers, the Mughal period, Bollywood, Odd Cricket Stats and the Human Body. Set in a multiple-choice question format, “Derek O’Brien’s Essential Knowledge Quiz Book” simulates the environment of an actual quiz show – readers will have hours of fun with it, whether they’re quizzing alone or with friends and family.