Best Quizzes Of Derek O'Brien: Volume 1

1500 top-drawer questions from Asia’s best-known quizmaster.

Derek O’Brien is identified with top-class quizzing in India, for schoolchildren, professionals and quiz aficionados alike. From his vast range of questions that range from the informative and educational to curious facts and trivia, he has culled 1500 of his favorites, divided into seventy-five sets, for this very special book.

The questions range from subjects as diverse as the Boston Tea Party, the Chinese New Year, Cleopatra and C.V. Raman to the Grammy Awards, Gujarat, Vasco da Gama and the Wright brothers. There are whole sets of questions also on famous personalities like Arundhati Roy, Asha Bhonsle, Charles Lindbergh, George Harrison, Isaac Newton, Martin Luther King Jr., Pablo Picasso and Winnie the Pooh. Each set contains twenty questions that will test both the depth and breadth of the readers’ knowledge on the subject. Among the questions readers will find answers to in this book are:

  • By what name is Agra mentioned in the Mahabharata?
  • Who is the author of a famous article titled ‘The Great Indian Rape Trick’?
  • Which famous classical musician ran away from home after being denied a second serving of ghee?
  • Who coined the term ‘information superhighway’?
  • Which Indian prime minister accepted a spinning wheel as dowry?
  • What did Phoolan Devi say she wanted to be reborn as?
  • Which city did Jawaharlal Nehru describe as the ‘Oxford and Cambridge of India’?
  • What was Queen Victoria’s first name?

Whether you are a school student, a college-goer, a teacher, a young professional, an ardent quizzer, a casual reader, or just someone who enjoys watching quiz programmes on television, this is a book that is sure to keep you engaged and entertained for days.