Budget Session 2022

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April 6, 2022

Derek O’Brien’s Special Mention on the need to modify Provident Fund software to prevent delay in PF dispersal to those with apostrophes and dash in their names, which especially applies to some with Portuguese-origin, Anglo-Indian & other names

April 6, 2022

Derek O’Brien raised a Point of Order under Rule 238, as per which a Member “shall not” “reflect upon the conduct of persons in high authority unless the discussion is based on a substantive motion drawn in proper terms”

March 31, 2022

Derek O’Brien pays tribute to 72 retiring Rajya Sabha MPs on behalf of All India Trinamool Congress

March 30, 2022

Derek O’Brien’s Supplementary Questions on CGHS for retired military personnel & senior journalists

March 28, 2022

Derek O’Brien’s Question on whether every Indian would have a house by 2022, as promised by the PM

March 24, 2022

Derek O’Brien’s speech during the discussion on the working of the Ministry of Railways

March 24, 2022

Derek O’Brien’s Point of Order on excluding colleague’s name from Committee on Public Undertakings nominees’ list

March 21, 2022

Derek O’Brien wants assurance on GOI addressing educational support to Ukraine-returned students

March 16, 2022

Derek O’Brien points out ‘bypassing’ Trinamool in initiating discussion on a ministry in Rajya Sabha

March 15, 2022

Derek O’Brien makes a Point of Order requesting adjournment for circulation of Minister’s statement


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