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About Derek O'Brien

Derek O’Brien is a Member of Parliament and the Trinamool Congress Parliamentary Party Leader in the Rajya Sabha.

He has also had the honour of addressing the UN General Assembly in 2012.


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Who Cares About Parliament

Derek O'Brien, India's favourite quizmaster and now an award- winning parliamentarian, has observed parliamentary proceedings from the first row of the Rajya Sabha while playing a key role for the Opposition and raising difficult questions. In Who Cares about Parliament: Speaking Up to Protect India's Great Institution, he explains how Parliament has been undermined in the last decade. The book narrates how rules, precedents and conventions established over the years have been bypassed and ignored; how this glorious institution is being mocked at and destroyed. With an in-depth insight into legislative procedures, O'Brien reminds us that Parliament is not just a new building; it is an establishment with old traditions and values-it is the foundation of Indian democracy. Who Cares about Parliament is a must- read for those who want a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by our nation today.

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