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The Brand Equity Quiz started in 1991 with one city - Bangalore, and gradually grew to cover four cities. For the last three years, the property travels to ten cities across the country. Winners of each city, meet in Mumbai for the all-India final. Conceptualized and conducted by The Economic Times, the BEQ, now in its 20th edition, is billed as the biggest corporate quiz in India on marketing and advertising. Over the years, the quiz has not only brought under one platform the entire quizzing community in the country, but has also emerged as an entertainment spectacle. The best of quizzers from across the country come each year and match wits for the ultimate quiz glory. The quiz captures the essence of the Brand Equity product, that showcases best marketing practices globally, and in India.

The Brand Equity Quiz Classic 2011 - Abhishek Das & Sudip Kalyan Dey of TCS (Kolkata) pwned the competition at the National final in Mumbai.

INFOSYS, Pune placed second.

It's been twenty years... what fun!

50 BEQ Questions

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Web serch is a great practice and provide huge amount of information - no doubt. But, it's not the "all powerful" as we may think time to time.

This section tries to hunt some information which is available only through fieldwork and experience.

Surely, you will get the result in net search once the same is publishied in this site.

But may not before that :)
Who was the first Captain of Bengal Cricket Team?