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Derek O'Brien & Associates have, for the last ten years, been making knowledge interesting and helping people and brands grow. This is done through various media. Be it Television, live game shows or the more traditional way of providing content for Books as well as columns for various publications. Given below is the spectrum of content, which Derek O'Brien & Associates provides, which surprisingly, includes the world famous game, called Trivial Pursuit.

Inside Parliament: Views from the Front Row

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Derek O’Brien dominated Indian television as the country’s most well-known quizmaster for over two decades, asking questions to millions across India. Now he plays a key role in the Rajya Sabha, raising difficult questions from the front row in the Upper House. One of the most candid, courageous voices of the Opposition, O’Brien is articulate, incisive and provocative - qualities that are apparent in his writing. In this book, comprising his best political essays, Derek O’Brien reflects on the state of the nation, offering insights from a unique vantage point - inside Parliament. Never afraid of controversy or contention, he covers topics ranging from the Constitution, the effects of a hasty GST rollout and demonetization to the media, the lessons he’s learnt as an MP and the 2019 elections. Thought-provoking and captivating at once, Inside Parliament is required reading for all interested in understanding today’s India and all who care about its future.

BQC Quizbook 3: Exciting New Q & A from the Latest Season of the Iconic Quiz Show

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Bournvita Quiz Contest started out in 1972 as a live quiz show, before moving on to being a weekly radio show. Since 1992, it has been hosted by Derek O'Brien and has been the country's longest running quiz show on Indian television.

In 2014 and 2015, it embraced the digital age fully. After the preliminary rounds that were conducted in 3500 schools across the country, the top teams vied for the BQC trophy in a final nail-biting series of episodes telecast online on YouTube.

In BQC Quiz Book 3, Derek O'Brien brings together the best questions that were asked on the latest season of the show. The questions range in topics from history to science to language and literature to sports and more. Interesting and informative, this collection of questions will delight all quiz enthusiasts, old and young.

Derek Introduces The Constitution and Parliament of India

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The Constitution of India is a remarkable document that lays down the rules, principles and ideas according to which India is governed. It delineates the basic framework of various institutions and specifies the rights and duties of citizens. Every citizen needs to know about it in order to preserve the spirit of democracy and equality of independent India.

In this book, Derek O'Brien tells in a simple and concise manner, how the Constitution came to be written, who were the people who shaped it and the concepts and thoughts that went into creating it. He also explains how the Parliament of India functions.

Filled with hundreds of interesting facts as well as detailed informative entries, The Constitution and Parliament of India will instill a sense of pride about the country in readers and will also inspire them to be more responsible citizens.

Derek Introduces: 100 Iconic Indians

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Derek Introduces 100 Iconic Indians, is an informative book about 100 most inspiring and renowned Indian personalities.

India has seen some of the greatest, humane, most inspiring intellectual leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, philosophers, poets, writers, artists, singers and sportsmen. The hundred such icons who have contributed immensely in their respective fields are introduced to the readers in this book. These humble, extraordinary men and women have not only made name in the country but have also been world famous figures. Some of the inspirational personalities selected by the author in this book are Chanakya, Gandhi, Sachin Tendulkar, Narayana Murthy and many others. The book is full of interesting stories from their lives, fun quizzes, and good to know facts about each icon.

My Way: Success Mantras from 12 Achievers

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What is success? Is it the natural goal of all human pursuit? Is it measurable in numbers: rupees and dollars, metres and miles, square feet and column inches? In a world obsessed with being successful, it is important to understand what success really means. In a series of essays by people who have reached the pinnacle of their professions, My Way delves into the pressures, motivations and mindsets that bring about success in any venture.

NR Narayana Murthy describes certain crucial events that helped in making Infosys a multibillion dollar company, Donald Trump talks about how it was his unshakeable belief that he would not be a failure that pulled him back from the worst setback of his career, MS Dhoni tells us about the physical and mental conditioning that is imperative for a champion, Derek O’Brien analyses the lessons he learnt in tough negotiation and maintaining core competency (among other business skills) from Mother Teresa.

What emerges from the voices of the remarkable men and women featured in this book is the significance of the values of integrity, fortitude, aspiration and vision. Skillfully edited by Derek O'Brien, who has himself constantly striven to excel, My Way: Success Mantras of 12 Achievers will inform, excite and motivate its readers in equal measure.

The essays are by famous and recognizable Indian and international names, and are sure to appeal to every person, whether young or old, who wants to know how one can succeed in life without compromising in any way on principles.

Derek's Challenge: For a Smarter, Sharper and More Confident You

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Derek's Challenge is a unique programme that currently reaches students in more than 1,500 schools across the country. It is a fresh approach to inform and educate and aims to provide schoolchildren with the tools for self-improvement. Through a series of fun and lively exercises, Derek's Challenge encourages logical thinking, builds creative expression, helps improve memory skills and aids in developing general awareness.

So come, take up Derek's Challenge, and be a smarter, sharper and more confident person.

Speak Up, Speak Out: My Favourite Elocution Pieces and How to Deliver Them

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Are you stumped about what to speak at the upcoming elocution contest? Are you tired of surfing the Internet searching for a piece that is right for you? Are you wondering how you can speak more confidently? Then this handy collection is just what you need.
  • Poetry, prose and speeches suitable for junior, middle and senior school students
  • An introduction to each piece by Derek, along with his recommendations on how best to deliver it
  • Dereks tips on how to become an expert public speaker
  • Classic and rare writings by masters such as Roald Dahl, Vikram Seth, Ruskin Bond, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama, among many others

So, grab this book and let Derek O’Brien take you into a world of literary masterpieces and you will discover that all you need to be a winner is to speak up, and speak it right!

The Ultimate Bournvita Quiz Contest Book of Knowledge

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The Bournvita Quiz Contest (BQC) started as a radio programme in 1972, and continues to engage and entertain generations of quiz whizzes in India and abroad. It is legendary for its innovative ablend of knowledge and entertainment. Having researched and presented the show since its television debut in 1994, Derek O'brien, Asia's best-known quizmaster, has for the first time, made available a selection of these quiestions in two handy volumes.

Divided into easy-to-refer sections, and combine with challenging IQ puzzles and fact pages, these questions showcase all that has made BQC a quiz show like no other.

Read The Ultimate Bournvita Quiz Contest Book of Knowledge (Volumes 1 and 2) to grow, to gain knowledge, and to become a champion in life.

The Best of Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest

Ace quizmaster Derek O’Brien is back, as the legendary Bournvita Quiz Contest airs on television again. Packed with questions from the first two seasons, the Bournvita Quiz Contest Quiz Book contains over 500 questions that will test your knowledge, wits and thinking skills . So if you want to be among the top quizzers in the country, or just want to hone your general knowledge, have fun answering these questions, and many many more.

  • In 1863, cartoonist Thomas Nast was the first to paint whose definitive portrait?
  • The name of what comes from the Arabic word meaning ‘that which prevents sleep’?
  • During the 2011 census of India, what were people given so that they could figure out their dates of birth?
  • Which Mughal emperor was the son of a Mughal emperor but not the grandson of one?

The Best of Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest: 1000 Quiz Questions! 100 Fun Facts!

It started as a radio quiz programme in 1972 and went on to become one of the most sought-after school quizzes in the country. On overwhelming public demand, BQC makes a comeback on television in 2011 and, with it, Quizmaster Derek O'Brien brings you a compilation of a thousand questions from the archives of India's longest-running television game show. And just so you can be even more of a quiz whiz, there are 100 fun facts for you to know and enjoy.

Here's a sneak peek at what's inside.

  • For saving whose life was Nazm, a water bearer, crowned king for half a day at Agra Fort?
  • The literal meaning of which term in latin is 'and the rest'?
  • Which Indian Prime Minister made a brief appearance in the 1977 film Chala Murari Hero Banne?
  • How is Muriatic acid better known?

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Be a GK Champ

Be a GK Champ is a new general knowledge series authored by Asia's best-known quizmaster Derek O' Brien. An eight-part series, the books are designed for primary and middle schools with the purpose of engaging the minds of young leaners with wide-ranging information and stimulating quizzes

Know and Grow

With Derek O Brien is a series aimed at addressing four vital success skills of student life: Personality Development, Life Skills, General Awareness, and Creativity and Thinking Skills. The series can be used as a self-help guide or can be teacher- guided.All useful, everyday information has been classified as KNOW and how to use information and get ahead in life as GROW. The Know with Derek and Grow with Derek boxes are used throughout the series to highlight different areas of information and growth. The format and design are child-friendly and easily accessible.

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However, as convenient and prompt as it may seem, it is not all-powerful and absolute.

Derek Vs. Google is a reminder that too much dependence on web search does infact restrict one's knowledge, rather than enhance it.

Questions asked in this section can be better answered through field work and experience.

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