In Parliament

Derek O’Brien is a twice-serving member of the Rajya Sabha from Bengal, representing the Trinamool Congress. He is leader of the Trinamool Congress’ parliamentary party in the Upper House and also its chief national spokesperson.

He is chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on transport, tourism and culture, while serving on several other key parliamentary committees.

O’Brien has spoken at, among others, Harvard, Yale and Columbia Universities in the US, and several IIMs, IITs and other premier educational institutions in India.

He addressed the United Nations General Assembly as a member of the Indian parliamentary delegation in 2012. Derek O’Brien began his career as a journalist, shifted to advertising and then went on to become India’s most popular quizmaster.



December 21, 2021

Derek O’Brien raises a Point of Order regarding the Chairman’s power to enforce his decisions

December 21, 2021

Derek O’Brien raises Points of Order regarding the introduction of The Election Laws (Amendment )Bill, 2021

December 7, 2021

Derek O’Brien raises Point of Order on the suspension of 12 Members of Rajya Sabha


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